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As a local fireworks retailer, Patriot Pete’s believes that the fireworks season should be about celebrating independence with friends and family, while also building our community for a brighter tomorrow . Patriot Pete’s is proud to partner with some of Nebraska’s best organizations and non-profits, and we are always looking for ways to broaden our impact through mutually beneficial partnerships.

Additionally, we are committed to bringing our customers the best fireworks at the lowest possible price . Each year, our team visits several shows around the Midwest to ensure that we are bringing back only the best fireworks from each of our suppliers. Our products are hand-picked from some of the most well-known and trusted names in the industry, including Black Cat, World Class, Flashing Fireworks, Red Rhino and others. Inside the tent, our knowledgeable staff is trained specifically to help you optimize your 4th of July fireworks show. Your experience as a customer is our top priority, and we can’t wait to serve you and your family this 4th of July!

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